How To Choose The Right Home Dehumidifiers

Home dehumidifiers are a potential solution to many different problems arising from excess moisture in a domestic situation, whether those problems are a potential cause of structural damage to the property or possible danger signs for health conditions of the inhabitants. Humidity imbalances are increasingly common in residential properties, despite the presence of highly effective damp proof courses which can only deal with one isolated cause of damp. Technology has come to the aid of people who have these problems, by providing a method for removing excess moisture from the atmosphere in whatever strength is needed.

It is not surprising that dehumidifiers for home use are becoming increasingly popular, when you think of the money which is invested in a family home. Although it is often possible to hide the effects of damp with strategic decoration and painting, this is only a cosmetic solution and not a real one. Damp can cause thousands of dollars of damage if it is allowed to condense on wooden or other soft and permeable materials. While most of the damaged areas can be replaced relatively easily, that is also not going to be an answer if the original moisture problem is not dealt with.

There are also an increasing number of health conditions which can either be affected, or even directly caused by, damp conditions. If there are pre-existing medical conditions in the family, the situation is even more serious. Asthma and other breathing difficulties can be affected by either extreme of humidity, while bone structure problems and joint inflammations can react extremely badly to excess moisture. Maintaining the right comfortable living conditions with the right humidity levels is a key factor in reducing pain from this type of illness. A good dehumidifier can be one of the most important assets in getting this right.

Energy Efficient Dehumidifiers

One of the regrettable features of home dehumidifiers is that they invariably need a high level of maintenance, and also a high budget for running expenses. The filter in any air control system will need replacing from time to time, so you need to have a routine in place to analyze the effectiveness of the filter after a certain length of time. Wear may well not be even, as in some climates there is far more moisture in the air in some months than others. If you replace the filter when needed, and keep the overall unit clean, you are doing the best you can to extend optimum unit life.

Many dehumidifiers for home are also combined with other functionality, often providing a more complete solution to the problems which a certain building is experiencing. This could include an air ionizer which is designed to alter the electrical properties of the air which is breathed, or a simple purifier. Don't buy these add-ons unless they are absolutely necessary, as they will only add to the expense of the machine and the difficulty of maintaining it. If they are useful to you, however, they may save money and will certainly save space.

Dehumidifier Ratings

One of the most important factors in choosing home dehumidifiers is how economically they can be run, and this will depend on several factors. Obviously, the basic wattage of the machine is a critical factor, but it is not the only number which matters. What matters far more is the effectiveness of the machine and how much actual power you get for the electricity consumed. It can often be more economical to buy a more expensive machine initially, as this will usually be built to a higher quality and be more economical over time.

There are more dehumidifiers built for the home market than any other sector, which does not make it easy to make a final buying choice. The first consideration is the exact purpose for which the system is needed, and the second whether or not there are any enhancements which will be useful. Then, you can look at the size of the room in which the unit will be operated, as there is a fine line between making sure you have enough power and capacity, and overdoing it and ending up using too much electricity every time the unit is in operation.

Most home dehumidifiers are relatively flexible and easy to adjust to the setting you need if you find you are constantly using too much power. High quality brands will give you a far better user experience, but obviously you will have to pay for this. If the dehumidifier is needed for medical reasons, it may be worth considering buying a used model to get the highest specification possible. Make sure you carry out a thorough research of the specialist reviews on the Internet, and also the authentic user reviews on Internet commerce sites. These are an accurate representation of the market in home dehumidifiers.

Written by Marc Knox