Frigidaire Dehumidifiers Offer High Capacity And Power

Frigidaire dehumidifiers are among the most common and most often recommended of domestic air control units, offering the possibility of cost effective use for short periods of time or for continuous use. The units are portable and can be used in many different situations, even being moved from one room to another if the need arises. There are now many competing brands of dehumidifier, all of which offer a solution based upon the same mechanical technology, so it is really a case of defining your own use pattern as accurately as possible, and then finding the most cost effective solution.

The first step in making the purchasing choice is to determine whether or not you really do need a dehumidifier unit. Humidity is far from the only factor which can affect air quality, so make sure that moisture in the air really is the cause of your difficulties. In extreme circumstances, excess water can cause structural damage to the property itself, although this is far less common than it once was. The most common pressing reason for a dehumidifier is because the excess moisture is casing discomfort to people with health conditions. These difficulties are aggravated in hot and humid climates.

The dehumidifiers you can obtain with the Frigidaire brand are ideally suited to most home use. They have the advantage of being entirely portable, so they can be moved from one room to another without difficulty. They can also be positioned in the most advantageous way within each room, to make sure that the active components are in the most effective place. The unit is also easy to clean and maintain, as it is at floor height with easily detachable panels. The water will need to be emptied regularly, unless the unit can be permanently hooked up to a drain for permanent immediate emptying.

Energy Efficient Dehumidifiers

The specifications of Frigidaire dehumidifiers are among the best in the industry, certainly at any comparable price point. These units are capable of removing up to seventy pints of water in any single day, whether or not the unit is permanently connected to a drainage system. If it isn't, you will need to carry out this part of the operation manually. Crucially, the units can be operated at two different fan speeds, offering the owner the opportunity to save power and run the unit on the lower setting at times when there is less moisture to remove.

For a unit offering this much power, it has an impressive economy of fuel. Seventy pints is a high level for a domestic dehumidifier, and this can even be virtually continuous if you have found a way to overcome the need for annual draining by attaching the unit to the drainage of the property using pipes. The adjustable power settings give you the chance to save electricity whenever the opportunity presents itself, and the fact that the unit runs at a low temperature mitigates against the need to use the air conditioning in the property to maintain room temperature.

Dehumidifier Ratings

It does have to be pointed out that there are many alternatives to the Frigidaire dehumidifiers, although very few of these will be able to match the capacity which they have. You can read reviews of dehumidifiers of many different brands in specialist magazines, and these reviews are written by respected industry professionals with the right testing equipment. They have benchmark tests which they use to compare one model with another, giving you as close as you can get to a definitive answer. It is also important to read independent user reviews, as they will highlight any hidden flaws in Frigidaire dehumidifiers.

Written by Marc Knox