Use Crawl Space Dehumidifiers To Remove Damp

Crawl space dehumidifiers are one obvious solution to the problem of keeping the lowest areas of your home dry and free from potentially damaging moisture. There are many difficulties which excess moisture can cause, from structural damage to the aggravation of existing medical conditions, and it can also create a thriving breeding ground for lice and other parasites which can then also cause further difficulties. A constant dehumidifying process can prevent these difficulties from occurring in the first place.

It should be a relatively easy task to determine whether or not crawlspace dehumidifiers are needed in your home or commercial building. If there are signs of excess water lying in pools where it just should not be, there is every possibility that you have the type of damp problem which is not avoided by having an effective damp course. This could even affect electrical fittings if they are not covered well enough or if they are in hollows which attract water. If there are people regularly using basement areas as extra rooms in the building, they may be experiencing the aggravation of pre-existing health difficulties, especially those which affect the breathing or the joints.

Installing a dehumidifier is the obvious solution to the problem, and there are many possibilities of type and power. The most effective dehumidifiers are capable of displacing as much as seventy pints of water in any given day, an amount which will be more than enough to keep crawl space dry in domestic homes. The unit will need to be constantly maintained and emptied of water, which is part of the ongoing maintenance which you will need to carry out. There are exceptions to this, if you can permanently attach the unit to the drainage system, but that is more difficult to do below ground level.

Energy Efficient Dehumidifiers

Most crawl space dehumidifiers are portable in nature, which makes them far easier to use and to install in the first place, even though there will be more ongoing maintenance. If you are not certain exactly how much power you are going to need to get the job done, you can always start with a cheap used portable model with variable settings. This will usually turn out to be all that you need, but if it is not you can always upgrade in the knowledge of what it is you do actually need.

No-one wants to spend more than they have to on functional items such as dehumidifiers, which can prove to be expensive if they need to be maintained on a high setting. One of the most important factors in keeping expenses low is to maintain the unit in good condition, so ease of cleaning is an important factor. If the machine is in a place which is difficult to reach and it takes considerable physical effort to reach the relevant parts, there is every possibility that you will be tempted to skip the cleaning too many times. It is also possible to save money by using a lower setting at times when the room is not being used, as long as the problems are health related.

Dehumidifier Ratings

When choosing crawl space dehumidifiers you will need to first decide on a location, as space is usually tight and cramped. Most units are of a relatively standard size, although there are smaller portable units which give out far less power. If the problem is slight, this may be all you need, but in most cases it is better to have a full sized unit and then use the adjustable settings. If you have a highly changeable climate, you will definitely want adjustable settings on crawl space dehumidifiers.

Written by Marc Knox